Our Story

This city is an original, and every corner tells a story.  From Downtown to Dogtown, Patch to Penrose, Saint Louis is both a work in progress and a work of art.  We are particularly enchanted by four-family flats, dudes in leisure suits, cobblestone alleys, graffiti walls, MetroLink trains, toasted ravioli, that muddy river, and over 250 years worth of soul packed into this city's streets.  Why?  Because it's our city, that's why. This town is overflowing with idiosyncrasies, and that unique local flavor should be a source of pride, not embarrassment.  So way back in 2001, we made it our mission to create a new line of apparel that reflects this crabby old city as we see it.  You won't confuse us for a cheesy airport souvenir stand-- we like a little grit in our coffee and it shows.  

Since beginning this venture, STL-Style has grown from a basement t-shirt shop to a bona fide force in the local scene.  Today, after more than a decade in business, we have polished our act.  With a talented team of cohorts and bustling full-service retail and custom design shop on Cherokee Street, we are taking our unrelenting love for the Red Brick Mama to a whole new level. 

And we thank you for riding along with us.

For too long, this city has been overlooked, misjudged and underappreciated.  But today, a renewed spirit is emerging.  Inspired by the diverse faces, spaces and places of the Gateway City, we're doing our part to put the STL back in STyLe.  

Who We Are...

Jeff Vines & Randy Vines - Creators

Identical twins and St. Louis dynamos, Jeff and Randy are unapologetically proud of their gritty, lovable hometown. Though they spend nearly every waking moment thinking up the next cool STL design, they are also passionate urbanists and historic preservation advocates. Active with urban revitalization organizations across the country, the Vines boys are known to hop around to cool cities near and far, but they always look forward to returning to the Red Brick Mama. They have dedicated their brand to sharing the greatness of St. Louis with the rest of the world.

Kadie Foppiano - Senior Designer

When she's not busy being a mom to two boys and pumping out kick-ass designs for STL-Style, Kadie spends what little free time she has focusing on her own freelance creative design business. Be it invitations, greeting cards or custom graphics, she has built herself a decidedly illustrious career. Kadie has been an instrumental part of STL-Style for more than 6 years, and we never intend to let her go.

Will Gilbert - Retail Manager

According to some, Will Gilbert is overly obsessed with St. Louis. Or maybe, he just understands that the place he was born and raised is fantastic for all of the reasons that he is more than willing to share with you. He's going to school to teach, and enjoys trivia, hockey, beer, and of course, St. Louis.

Max Wright (a.k.a. Maxi Glamour) - Designer/Brand Ambassador/Diva

Artist, drag queen, fashion designer, language enthusiast, visionary....Max is a true renaissance man (or woman, depending on what time of day it is). If you're in need of a fashion consult or friendly conversation, Max delivers.

Erin Shields - Shop Admin

Erin is a historian by trade, an urbanist at heart, and a supermom 24/7. Growing up in North County, she was strongly encouraged to get to know the city, and learn about the various communities her family was deeply rooted in. This knowledge she gained spiraled into a life-long love affair with the mound city. She currently lives a gypsy life with her family, moving to new cities (ARMY posts) often. However, she always finds her way back to the city that raised her up. Whether she is working with us seasonally, organizing from afar, or flying in for a specific event, she is always keeping us kosher.

Jon Swegle - Associate Designer

Having committed the cardinal sin of moving away from St. Louis, Jon's talent and long-distance love for his former city have kept him in our good graces. An accomplished shoe designer by day, Jon's creative heart still beats for the Gateway City all the way from his new home of Philadelphia.

Madi Sharp - Associate Designer

She's crafty, stylish and somewhat elusive, but Madi Sharp is part of our posse now, and we won't let her go. After cutting her teeth in New York, Madi returned to her native St. Louis, where she is constantly busy creating her popular handmade wares. We're thrilled to have her on our team!

David Alderman - Associate Designer

David is one of those enigmas who popped into our lives by happenstance. A Boston native, David was bitten by the STL bug when he was living here briefly in 2013. It's clear that he has a terminal case of St. Louis fever, because he stays busy designing special projects for us all the time. Sorry Boston, but David's heart is in St. Louis.

Jessyka Lee - Resident Lifesaver

To imagine our business without Jessyka would be like imagining St. Louis without the Arch. Jessyka and her partner Lindsay Shadwell own City Pace, and have been a source of unconditional support, encouragement and efficiency. We owe her a huge debt of gratitude for keeping us in check. She keeps things looking good and working smoothly, and she's definitely one of us now.

Emanuel Taranu - Retail Design Guru

Romanian-born Emanuel Taranu is looking to bring carpentry, art, and working-by-hand to St. Louis through community engagement. When he's not shaking sawdust out of his hair, he's sketching, designing, and discussing ways to improve the St. Louis community and environment. He lives in South City with a fine lady and a particularly cantankerous cat.

Frankie - Hepcat Shopcat

Hailing from the mean streets of South St. Louis, Frankie is no pussy. Whether she's jumping on ladders, hiding in boxes or zonked out in the window displays, she consistently attracts droves of customers who would otherwise simply walk past our store. When we start slacking, Frankie is there to keep us in check. Thanks to her, many of our products come with free cat hair.